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We deliver to Colchester and the surrounding area



Founded in 1933 by Leonard Henry Bugg, St Leonards Nursery started off with very humble beginnings; working off the land for much of his life, Leonard had a vision that has culminated into a successful and much loved and respected family business.

Quite literally Leonard gradually built his idea from the ground up, starting with just a small fruit and vegetable stand on the main road, selling produce he had grown on site, including fresh cut flowers.

Leonard's vision of bringing fresh produce to the local community of Stanway continued well into the 40's and 50's, gaining more and more popularity as time went on.

In the 1960’s, the small family business expanded to a larger, more robust stand, and with that, more of the same great quality produce, as well as some newer products sourced elsewhere, including large free range eggs from local farms and a wider selection of plants from markets around the London area.

In 1977, Leonard retired from the Nursery and his son Anthony Bugg officially took over the family business, having worked with his father for several years already. Anthony still works using the same principals as his father had done, working off the land to produce great quality products.

Over the years the business not only gained an invaluable following by its loyal customers, but also contracts to various high profile businesses across Colchester.

It wasn't until the early 1990’s that an opportunity to expand the premises presented itself; to move its current location from the modest fruit and vegetable stand, to relocate next door and be built up into an establishment that would release the potential for greater things to come.

On 14th December 1996 a brand new shop for St Leonards Nursery and Garden Centre was finally opened to the public – a far cry from the stand on the main road.


Today, the shop remains a landmark for its loyal customers, still meeting the expectations of customers both old and new alike; a business that has so far spanned three generations, St Leonards Nursery has been a local favourite for over 80 years and will continue to delight its customers with excellent service and humble gratitude for many more years to come.



As Dahlia specialists, we know what it means to grow and nurture these beautiful blooms in all their wild and wonderful varieties.

Cultivating over 60 years of growing expertise, we're always proud to grow and sell a vast array of these beautiful flowers ever year they are in season, from mid-summer to early November.

Floral Basket Arrangement




Here at St Leonards we relish in delighting our customers with the best quality cut flowers to create wonderful floral arrangements tailor-made for you.

From simple, beautiful bouquets to customised funeral tributes, we cater to most requests, dependant on seasonal stock availability. 

We deliver to Colchester and the surrounding area. Please note there is usually a delivery charge starting from £3.00, dependant on location. 

We take orders both in store and over the phone, so why not come and visit us or contact us.


Please note, we currently do not accept credit/debit card payments. Cash or cheque only.



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