Fresh Produce

Here St Leonards, we strongly believe fresh is best and that's why we've grown our own vegetables off the land for over 50 years, from the juiciest of tomatoes to the tenderest of runner beans.  We also delight in offering you our magnificent Maris Piper potatoes, as well as our famous and finest free range eggs, sourced from local farms.  With flavours so fresh, it's no wonder people from all over come to us!

Farm Fresh Eggs

Sold in boxes of half a dozen, we're renowned all over Colchester for the quality and size of our eggs.  We guarantee you'll find a new favourite!



Grown right here on the premises, we pride ourselves on our sumtuously delicious tomatoes, sold in bags by the kilo.  Our tomatoes are seasonal and are available from August to November.

Runner Beans

Another family favourite, our Maris Piper potatoes attract people from far and wide.  Ideal for almost anything from boiling to mashing to baking.  They are sold in sacks of 25 kilos and are available from October through until April.

One of our tasty delights grown on the nursery, our runner beans are a fantastic compliment to any hearty meal and are sold by the pound.


For that heavenly taste of the country, try our delicious locally sourced honey, guaranteed to sweeten anyone's day!

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