Cut Flowers & Pot Plants

We pride ourselves on over 80 years of experience with fresh cut flowers, sourced locally or grown on the premises. Our knowledge is second to none and our care and attention to detail is recognised all over the county!  Below are some examples of our ranges of cut flowers and pot plants that we range and information on how to care for them.


(Please note, all cut flowers and pot plants are subject to availablity and season.  For more information on our seasonal produce click here).

Cut Flowers

Whether it's traditionally sweet scented roses you are after, or delicately fresh freesias, we have a variety of cut flowers on display.  Below are just a few examples of what we sell and flowercare information to help you make the right choice.

Tulips, while quite a robust flower, need particular conditions in order to retain their beauty. Before placing in a vase, they should be snipped about an inch off the bottom of the stems and placed into fresh, clean cold water and kept out of direct sunlight. The vase should be tall enough so as to prevent the blooms from bending.
Alstroemeria Lilies
These exotic perennials originate from South America and are quite a long-lived flower. They come in a range of exciting shades including yellow, red, orange, white, lavender, violet and even green. They flourish best with plenty of sunlight and can last up to two weeks.
These delicate blooms can last from around a week to 10 days and should be kept in fresh warm water for best results. Typically, the freesia's main characteristic is its very subtle yet beautifully sweet fragrance and can be grown in a variety of colours, most commonly violet, lavender, white, yellow and orange.
Carnations are widely recognised for their double bloom and vibrant array of colours. They are best kept in fresh lukewarm water, away from direct sunlight. It is advisable to fill the vase about three quarters full and change every few days to keep your arrangement looking its freshest.
These exotic blooms need particular care in order to stay at their freshest; begin by cutting the stems 1-2 inches from the bottom at a 45 degree angle, then place flowers in clean water and keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight or drafts. Change the water every few days in order to prolong the lilies' life.
The symbol of Spring, daffodils flourish best in shallow water at room temperature and stems should be cut at a 45 degree angle. Daffodils can be harmful to other flowers so if you have them as part of an arrangement, it is advised to let the stems soak in cool clean water overnight to lessen their harmful potency.
The traditional rose is always a classic choice. For longer lasting blooms an inch should be trimmed from the bottom of the stems and any excess leaves should be removed so as to not be submerged in the water. They should be placed in fresh, warm water and kept out of direct sunlight.
These intricately shaped flowers fare well in a cool atmosphere and it is advisable to cut the stems regularly in order to encourage water intake, as well as keeping them away from direct sunlight or excessive heat. With the proper care and attention, irises traditionally can last up to one week.
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Pot Plants

No matter what the occasion, pot plants make a wonderful addition to any home and are the perfect gift to brighten anyone's day.  We stock a range of seasonal plants from cyclamen to chrysthanthemums, so you're sure to find something ideal for you.

Cyclamen usually grow in varying shades of either pink, red or white and are an ideal indoor plant. For best results, keep them out of direct sunlight and drafts, and at temperatures no lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Water when soil is dry.
These robust yet delicate plants are grown in a wide spectrum of colours, ranging from oranges and reds to blues and purples. Hyacinths enjoy partial sunlight and should be watered regularly (although do not over-water them). As flowers die off, cut stalks off at the plant, but allow any remaining leaves to turn brown and die before removing to maintain the plant.
These daisy-like blooms can be found in a variety of shades of blue, purple, red, pink or white and with the correct care and attention can last anything from 4-6 weeks. Soil should be kept moist at all times and last longer in cool temperatures.
Chrysanthemums enjoy direct sunlight and fairly warm conditions and with the proper care can last for a few weeks. Any dead flower heads or leaves should be picked off to allow for new growth and should be watered when the soil is dry.
In order to live longer, azaleas enjoy regularly watered well-drained soil and, if possible, using distilled water. The majority of varieties of these sensitive plants enjoy partial sunlight and bloom their best at room temperature.
These plants are brightly coloured and sweetly scented primula that give any home the feeling of Spring. They thrive best in partial sunlight and in cool temperatures. Being a relatively short-lived pot plant, the primrose prefers to maintain moist soil in order to flourish at its best.
Begonias enjoy warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight, so ensure they are kept in a well lit area away from any drafts. These plants should be watered regularly, preferably with warm water, but only when the soil is slightly moist and not dry. Remove any dead foliage or blooms so as to rejuvenate your plant and keep it flowering at its best.
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